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An insight into the ways to fix LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi

 A problem remains a problem until you learn about the ways to settle it. Once, you learn how to tackle the errors, it’s no more a problem for you. Surviving in a world with advancements in technology, one must know the measures to deal with the possible issues.

Nowadays, TVs are connected to WiFi to experience uninterrupted entertainment. But this too carries some problems associated with it. Today, we will be discussing one common connecting issue relating to the LG TV. 

LG TVs are well known for their high-quality picture but there are some common complaints made by users relating to them. One such highly recorded complaint made by the user is the “LG TV not connecting to WiFi”. It has been recorded that sometimes users face difficulty in connecting their TV with a WiFi connection. 

So, in this read, we will look at the causes that lead to the emergence of this issue and after then we will dive in to find out the ways to settle the issue on our own.

So, are you ready to learn the fixes?

Great!! Let’s get started then.

What leads to the emergence of this error?

Before having a look at the possible resolutions it’s better to know the reasons for the occurrence of this error. There are several reasons why you experience this trouble however the most common ones is the incorrect information on the network or a generic glitch on the TV. 

The other reasons causing this error are as listed down:

  • Connectivity issues, check the number of devices connected with the WiFi
  • Incorrect date and time
  • Temporary problem with the smart functions
  • Outdated firmware
  • Poor signal
  • Repositioning the router

To get a crystal clear idea of the resolutions, you can refer to the upcoming section of the article.

Resolutions to fix the error

After having a look at the possible reasons, it’s time to now learn the fixes for this error. 

Iron out the LG TV not connecting to WiFi with the following measures. The general ways to settle it are as follows:

  • Unplug the power supply and then plug it in again after a minute or so
  • Rectify the date and time
  • Disable Quick start from the settings
  • Configure DNS settings on your TV
  • Check if the WiFi password is correct
  • Get your TV software updated 
  • Change the TV location

Final Take!!

By working on the reasons behind the issue you can easily get out of the LG TV not connecting to WiFi problem. You can fix most of the problems by simply resetting the TV’s settings and modifying the security setting on your router.


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